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amanda please

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
10:11 pm - rollin' wit them 5" rims
today was semi-swell, i must say.

in PE- we totally had to run, which was not cool. so me and B (aka brittany) decided to walk pretty much the whole time. so we walk our first lap, and then phillips goes "Epley... TWO, good job!" and i was like "whoaa" haha so me and B benefitted from that one- we ended up getting like a 97 or somethin like that- for walking 3 laps. not bad, not bad!! (i dunno what it is with coaches and my last name.. they all refer to me as "Epley" in pe, track, and cheerleading tooo.. hmmm i guess it's just one of those names?)


AHHHH! im so excited beyond belief! i went on a GC ride with kristen (aka krister, christina, lector numero uno, etc.) and we were drivin along- first we get chased down by Pat and this john kid- which was NO COOL! so me and kristen were like floorin it all through these backwood trails tryin to lose 'em. yeah the plan worked, so that was good! then we were actin all bad and pretendin to be pimps which actually worked out purty goooood! hahah (that's where the 5's came in kids..) and then WE ALMOST KILLED A BIRD!! haha funniest thing.. hmmm EVER! it was seriously like 6 inches away from the windshield when we were florring it and then kristen slams on brakes and i seriously almost go flying off! hahah good times good times.

well im bored and i have to do my punnnk shat science hw. have a good one. -Ep.

current mood: cheerful

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Saturday, April 17th, 2004
1:50 pm - take it back now yall
well today wasn't too bad! in science we went outside and did a nifty skateboarding lab, which was amusing! english we did a vocab. challenge and my team won!! YAY! so then i didn't have to take the test on friday! WOOT. then i went to chorus and it was boring.. then i went to p.e. and we played wiffle ball and me, keisha, and brittany did the cha cha slide out in the outfield!! it was extremely amusing! umm yeah then the rest of the day happened!

didn't do too much.. was just kickin it at the epley household and such.

went to tucs- that was purty swell. me and em were the only ones there for a while! then i went with my mom to chick-fil-a and then we went to target! and i had a real fun time bothering her ! haha! we had this cart that had this one wheel that was goin all crazy and it would make a really loud scraping noise when we rolled it and it was really bugging my mom! and then we stopped in this section and she went to go look at some stuff and i saw this other cart that was just sitting there.. so i went over to it and rolled it around and it made like 3 times the amount of noise and it was REALLY hard to stear and stuff! so then i switched the two contents of the carts and we were on our merry way!! hahahh! my mom was soo annoyed.. it was like squeaking really loud and i kept making it run into stuff. HAH! and then i convinced my mom to get me a kermit the frog shirt! i like it- but she doesn't! but hey, who cares right? yeah.. we really don't see eye to eye on most things, but it's ok i guess. it's whatever. then she bought me some shampoo and junk called "brilliant brunette" i was like whoaa. then when we get out to the car she tells me that it has to last until june 15th. i was like WHAT YOURE INSANE THATS LIKE 2 MONTHS!! and then she was like soo and i just called her lame and junk.. the usual routine. haha.well now im here and i'm about to go clean my room...UGHH. hope you kids have a good one!


current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
8:56 am - in class
hey im in mr gant's class right now and we're supposed to be looking up stuff online for our research paper. whoaa this is boring. so im being my usual on-task little self.. pshh- well, im out. ciao.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
12:17 am - spring break
well at first i didn't think i was going anywhere on spring break, but then i found out i had to go to a funeral up in north carolina where all my fam lives. but, the trip actually didn't turn out to be that bad, apart from that part. i might even go as far to say that i had fun on some of the days...

we ended up staying in my dad's best friend's house, and when we got there, my dad's friend and his wife left on vacation. THEN my parents went out and of course left us kids at home. soo me and the bro were just kickin it in this random, massive house- niiice. the wierd thing was i ended up sleeping in their son's room. he's already in college- he's like 20 now i think, but it was wierd because all his old stuff was in there like he still lived in the house or somethin. i felt like i was on room raiders for a little while.. haha, but it was pretty bizarre..

a couple days after we got there, my dad's friend's dad (you catch that?) called and invited us all to come with him on his boat. so of course, us having nothing to do ourselves, we accepted. so we get out there on the boat and we're driving around this huuugge lake- (150 miles of shoreline)- and all of a sudden we hear this REALLY LOUD beeping noise that was coming from the boat. and then my dad's best friend's dad- (whose name is mr. dark.. that's a lot easier to say)- says, "uh oh.. i thought i had this problem fixed.. i'm pretty sure it means that the engine is over-heating!" so then he turns off the boat, and we're all just sitting there not knowing what to do. (oh yeah.. on the boat it's mr. and mrs. dark, and then my mom, my dad, me, and the bro.) so anyways.. my dad, mr. dark, and my bro go around and check the engine and act like they know what the problem is.. you know, the typical guy thing. finally, they gave up and we just sat there looking at each other really not knowing what to do. then mr. dark calls everyone he knows that lives around the lake to call for help- but no one was really home, it being spring break and all. so then he calls the mechanic and he says to just risk it and drive to shore and then he will come find us. so that's what we did.. 30 minutes later, the mechanic guy shows up and walks up to where we are docked. he asked us what the deal was, and mr. dark turned on the engine and the loud beeping noise came on again. then the mechanic starts laughing.. REALLY HARD. and we're all sittin there, sorta mad that we've been sitting in this stationary boat for over an hour, so we ask what's so funny. the mechanic says, "the thing that's beeping is the depth-finder.. it beeps when you are in shallow water." AHHHHH so we were just sitting out in that boat for no freaking reason for an hour.. and first we were mad.. then we laughed. so we just turned off the stupid depth finder and cruised around the lake for about 4 more hours.

yep. i discovered that there is an actual "EPLEY STREET" (actually it's epley drive.. but who cares) in marion,north carolina.. no one really knows where marion is- it's where my dad's from- but anyways we were driving along and we come to this street sign that.. has our name on it. haha, so me, mitch, and my mom were like "whoaaa!" but my dad knew all about it already and told us the story. in a nutshell- my dad's dad was ONE OF TEN KIDS. shooot that's a lot. but anyways, when they grew up, about 8 of them all bought houses really close together for some reason. they were pretty much all in a line. so the city people just decided to name that street epley street, since so many epleys lived there. hahahh

alriiight.. that was long. well, hope you kids had a swell spring break. i'm out like a mute kid in bingo. ciao.

current mood: amused

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Thursday, March 25th, 2004
4:05 pm - the dark side
umm yeah today was ok.. borrowed surra's pimp shoes in p.e. and that was fun. sarah, if you're reading this, i'm goin to get me some of them soon.. ok. i'm excited because this is the only day this week that i got to come home right after school- so i probably should change that expression from only on tuesdays to only on thursdays.. but hey im not complaining.. so now im just kickin it around the epley houshold home alone.. somethin new and different- riiiight. b & i have decided that one of the deepest things things you can say is "What if..." because if you think about it, you could just throw any thing in there and still have a thought. and then that question leads into "what would happen if..." man, too many things you could put in there. ok well this is lame so im gonna go jump on the trampoline

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
7:27 pm - sick
WOW I haven't updated this thing in a while, guess I just haven't had the time? riiiiiiiiiiiight

i had a track meet the other day, and it was actually pretty fun.. despite the whole spending 14 hours of my saturday at the school...ouch. but "krister" came and we had fun chillin. (and i enjoyed sleeping in the bleachers for a little bit) i'm actually liking track, it helps me take my mind off stuff, which is greatttt.

the other day me, tyler, hollister, and lyndsey mae played cards in math and it was purty dang fun...mrs floyd thought we were being a little too loud at times though. ty and i decided to be a team halfway thru the came and beat holly n lynz real bad.. we kinda made up our own rules though haha. team shoey will always triumph yall.

in PE we had to run.. got muh big 0-5 laps in..yesm haha. i think if you count PE and track combined, i ran about 4 miles that day... good stuff my friend.

i saw this brain teaser thing and i thought it was purty amusing, and confusing at times. herre goes:

Ned Nott was shot and Sam Shott was not.
So it is better to be Shott than Nott.
Some say Nott was not shot.
But Shott says he shot Nott.
Either the shot Shott shot at Nott was not shot,
Or Nott was shot.
If the shot Shott shot shot Nott, Nott was shot.
But if the shot Shott shot shot Shott,
Then Shott was shot, not Nott.
However, the shot Shott shot shot not Shott, but Nott.

haha, well that was fun. now i guess ill talk about my long day today. i'm sick, so i stayed home from school, all by muhself. i watched the waterboy for the first time in like a year, and laughed so hard i cried, 'cause im just slammin like that. (and i was probly a little ermm "happy" cux i mighta overdosed a little on that headache medicine...) yeah it would help if i put my contacts in so i could read the bottle... ohh well too late now. haha. well one of my favorite parts in that movie is when bobby goes into science class and the teacher asks why alligator's are abnormally aggressive. then bobby says, "Mama says, an alligator's always angry 'cause he got all them teeth and no toothbrush." haha good times, how glorius life is when you are easily amused.

I discovered something REALLY SWELL today! there is a BUBBA GUMP restaurant! actually, there's more than one, but i thought that was just the coolest thing since sliced bread. yup and they have t shirts and hats and stuff and i am soooo gonna go there and buy some foo! yepp and they have a website too, it's bubbagump.com hahahah! ahh yess good times.

Whoaa i've written a lot, so now im gonna go, just because i feel obligated to. i'll leave yunz with a forrest gump quote that pretty much sums my thoughts up right now.

"And that's about all i have to say about thayat."

current mood: weird

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Friday, February 27th, 2004
9:13 am - school
hey i'm in mr gant's class right now, we are working on a forensics paper... fun fun, yeah this is boring... uh oh we're about to have a tornado drill, so i better go! later. (i'm so excited, i get to go see the Passion with Brit tonight!!!)

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Saturday, January 31st, 2004
10:41 pm - LOCK-IN...& all that jazz
school was just an average day...we had a pep rally and that was ummm...fun?...oh well, atleast i got to miss class, i got called out early for no reason, but hey i'm not complaining!

SHOWCHOIR LOCKIN OMG!! ahhhhh we worked really hard, but i'm actually glad- our competition show is coming together rather nicely~! i was pretty worn out though, considering we practiced until like 2 a.m. and woke up around 7... but when i got home i slept for 3 hours, so everything was good in the hood haha. so now im just kickin it at the epley household and working on my story for english... im about 15% done... wha hoo i hate fictional writing... i'm much better at persuasive stuff... ohhhh well, too bad for me! yeah i better get to wrokin... by kids.

current mood: contemplative

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Monday, January 26th, 2004
10:38 pm - not bad...
today was ok... i went in early to work on a science thing w/ lauren, and that was interesting... the rest of the day was kind of a blurr. yeah then nate told me a pretty disturbing story about this kid who stalks everyone (including me!! sick...) haha, then i came home and chilled and actually did my homework w/o waiting til the last minute! oh yea, im making progress! procrastinating = so not good, a habit im tryin to break. so then i went to showchoir UGH and it was from 6-9, but it felt like FOREVER! i was kind of annoyed... some ppl get on my nerves in there... if it wasn't for me & nat's inside jokes id never make it through! so natalie, if ur reading this: THANK YOU!!! LOL, ok, just got outta the shower and now im gonna dry my hair w/ my new PIMP hair dryer!! seriously, don't even try to out do it haha, (the handle lights up in random colors ahhhh!) haha, :::easily amused:::, k well im gonna go do that and then go to sleep... laterrrr

current mood: sleepy

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
4:26 pm - today
today has been an ok day so far... i woke up at 7:45, and then Em came to pick me up and we went to TUCS, and we were the only ones in the whole gym for about 10 minutes and we went crazy and it was purty fun! i had a good tumbling day today! yea YEAH! according to me coach, i am officially "back"... whatever that means...haha... so, then me and em went home and i jumped on my trampoline for about an hour<---gotta love it! and i actually managed to not fly off this time...:)(MAD SKILL for me!) now im getting ready to go see along came polly, and i don't really wanna go, but i am, so ta ta fer now, ciao!

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